Tuesday, April 2, 2013



During the night, the cold winter wind
Had me under warm quilted covers
Dreaming of creatures outside
I traveled into the dark woods
Where the trees moved together
And huddled for support
Snow glistened next to wild hooves
And I saw hot breath rise into the pines
That touched the starry heaven
The journey moved me slowly through
Coyote and fox, passing owl eyes
From branches of hollowed out trees
Echoing through the frigid forest dream
Trees whispered that the sleep was over
And the promise of spring was near
This morning I awoke to the sun
Struggling with winter clouds
And searched for inspiration
Through the finest of flurries
A pink glow on the snowy mountains
Appeared like divine revelation
It chased the night’s ice off the page
Making room for early birds
To bring me my sun-filled morning


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