Saturday, May 4, 2013


It’s more tempting to be outside these warm days than to be blogging indoors. Spring is full of daffodils and tulips surfacing into the air like underground swimmers that have held their breath too long. Migrating birds are arriving in flocks and I sit outside poised with my binoculars. The wild rabbits have brought their babies out to feed on new grass and there is so much more activity to pay attention to this season.

There is also another harbinger of spring that has had my attention. The black bears, also controlled by the rhythms of nature, slept peacefully through the winter. They are now visiting the neighborhood trash containers. In celebration of spring, they leave confetti from driveway to driveway marking their arrival. Residents, like park workers after the parade, come out each morning to clean up after them. 

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  1. The black bears came very early this year. We have a huge male that comes by on Thursday evenings just before the garbage truck comes the next morning....he treats the entire road filled with garbage cans for pickup as though it was a smorgasbord set up for just him. I know this much....bears loves expired yogurt and ziti and they want us all to know they have arrived.