Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hurry, run for the hills!

In light of the up-coming Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I would re-post the blog I wrote in August. For the most part, the turkeys have been hiding away since the first shots of hunting season echoed through the hills. I'd like to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving Day. 

From a previous post: 
Before our domesticated turkeys were raised on farms, there was this ancestral species of wild turkeys that can still be found throughout the country. This week I was reminded of why I named our place,
Even before our house was on the property, we would spot the wild turkeys grazing and roaming here. After the land was cleared, they seem to visit often to take dust baths in the dry earth. Now, with the property being more active, they keep just beyond the taller grasses and they have been rather chatty lately. But they have come closer to the house this week, as they did when we first moved in, when we would find them snooping in the windows and gawking at my cat. I was able to get a few shots of them before they crossed the road to the farm. Later, I’ll be out searching the grounds for some beautiful turkey feathers.