Sunday, January 26, 2014


In May of 2012, I first offered my book for sale on this blogspot, as well as other local venues. Although there might be a few copies for sale that are floating around locally, I am temporarily out of stock. Until I re-order and receive more copies, it will no longer be available on this site. I am working on making it available as an e-book through B & N (Nook) and Amazon (Kindle). I'll  post here, when it is available once more. 
I wish to thank all my supporters and readers; your kind comments and well wishes have inspired me. I will continue blogging and posting and hope that you will continue to stop by and visit. 

Monday, January 6, 2014


The Christmas tree has not been lit for a few nights now reminding me it is time to store it away. I think I’ll wrap up the small tree, as is, and just tidy it up next year. Christmas songs, playing in my head since Thanksgiving, have finally subsided and the fireplace mantle is ready for dismantle. Often, the wreath remains on the door the longest and is the last thing to be packed. Until I decide on something for Valentines Day, the white door just begs for something red amid all the snow. 

Another year has come and gone, but a bright new one, full of possibilities, hopes and well wishes has arrived. It is time to place your best foot forward (that would be my right one, my left is not behaving lately) and place it right into that deep snow that will fall all winter, either to shovel out or clean off the car. I guess it’s time to get back on the treadmill and start the yoga class, get out of the house, before cabin fever sets in, and be social once again. It’s time to pay property taxes and order more fuel for the cold months ahead and make sure the cars are in good shape to withstand this cold winter. Snow-shoeing is on my to do list this winter and I am also looking forward to making a visit to see the kids; I miss their loving faces and big hugs, not only on Christmas but always. 

I watch the deer on the trails and often they come closer to the house looking for food and resting under the evergreens at the top of the hill. Each morning, there are more and more footprints in the snow, most are deer prints and I believe some are from the coyote that has been visiting lately but many smaller ones I can’t identify yet. On some gray days, I just want to hunker down and stay inside where it’s warm and do all those around the house things. But when the sun appears and lights up the hills with tinges of color and shadow, I’m eager to go outside to brave the chilly temperatures. During the cold winter, the sunshine is good for mood and makes it easier to: Put on a happy face.

May this year find you smiling more than usual and happier than you expected.