Monday, September 17, 2012


I’ve been traveling to Albany to shop around for a new set of wheels, and it has kept me from writing. I also found myself busy this past week test-driving my new truck and getting familiar with all its gadgets. Finally, I’m on the road again! Until I can devote more time to writing, I’d like to share some photographs from the past few years while on my nature walks. 

Enjoy the view!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


On the last day in August, I waited impatiently for the summer heat to subside. There was not much relief till this morning, when I recounted a moment  from yesterday and wrote this:


Me and Nikon and shade
On this hot August day
Watching one dry leaf fall
From the young Red Maple
It seems to be a reminder
Of what’s to come in autumn
And that I should not forget
On this early summer morning
The beauty in this crimson tree

There the bird is ever watchful
For a break in movement
And waits for my stillness
To sneak a bit of water
That has appeared overnight
In the large ceramic pot
At last it descends from the Maple
While I remain motionless
To photograph the drinking bird