Thursday, August 21, 2014


I bet you thought I had disappeared from Blog Land, but I’m back, at least for today. Although, I haven’t managed to post here with any regularity, I’m hopeful that I can return with something new. Checking email, Facebook, on-line banking, all the things that keep me tied to the computer, are taking up too many precious hours. I’d much rather be spending it with family and friends or writing poems and stories and taking photographs. Because I’m still discovering many wonderful people, new places and things, I would like to share them with you. While I figure out what I will post here in the future, I’ll leave you with something I shared in writing class.


Writing lists and lists
Making notes about notes
Leaving the notes behind
One day you let the world go by
You forget to take the pictures
There’s a note unread on your desk
To finish that poem you started last summer
Too late for your last doctor's appointment
Too early for the next one


Maybe, all we have are days upon days
Not scheduled on a calendar
Driving down the road
Walking in the grass
Through the trees
Under the stars
Living, learning, loving
Where it doesn’t matter
When you get there