Friday, May 25, 2012


My personal email is delightfully busy with heart-warming comments re-garding my book.  I am truly moved by all your reactions and kind messages.  I've now made it easier to leave a comment on my blog.  At the end of each posting, there is a place for comments, click on "comments" next to a pencil symbol (there may be a number before it) and a dialog box should appear where you will type in your words. You can review it first and click on "publish" Your comment should appear on the blog when you click on comments. Let's see if this proves easier for readers.

I am adding another local venue to purchase my book. It is now available at the GCCA Catskill Gallery, 2nd floor, 398 Main Street, Catskill NY. When I'm in Catskill, I love visiting this gallery just to see what the talented local artists are up to. 

From These Country Roads, I wish everyone a safe celebration on this Memorial Day Weekend.

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