Monday, October 22, 2012


While I acknowledge the beauty in each season and can easily be awed by whatever the weather may hold, my heart beats faster for autumn. With its spectacular fall colors that will soon fade and mute into grayer and grayer landscapes, its beauty remains with me still. October holds such a busy agenda with flourishes of brilliance popping up and disappearing each day, it is difficult to focus. Fall events and celebrations are everywhere on these country roads with happy harvests all around the mountains. Before the deep frost settles in, there are gatherings in the market places, village stores, and farms all displaying and selling their produce, art, crafts, home grown and home made foods. As I travel around this countryside, meeting new people, new landscapes, taking photos, sampling local goodies and writing my next story or poem, I would like to share an excerpt from my book,  
FROM THESE COUNTRY ROADS/A Journal And Selected poems. 
Here is the poem titled: 


My eye shifted to the blue canopy
On the house across the lake
Where the trees burned red and gold
In a small corner of the garden
There grew Chrysanthemums
The deepest orange Chrysanthemums

Reflected in the blue lake water
Were geese gliding with no effort at all
And I heard the October air sing
The twinkling sun of autumn’s song
Now sparkled like diamonds
Upon the argyle lake


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