Friday, October 19, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, a tear in my retina sent me to the ER for emergency laser surgery to prevent a detachment of the retina. But things are beginning to settle down a bit, at least in my left eye. My trips to Albany for eye laser surgery have lessened and my vision is improving.

Earthquake tremors sent my bookshelves shaking the other night around 7:15. I was at the computer when my pens and pencils started to vibrate and jump in their cup. Don came out of the bedroom saying that the bed was shaking. I called a neighbor down the road but they had felt nothing.  I checked the TV channels but there were no reports so, I called the local police to see if there were any other reports of earth tremors in the area. They said that they had not heard anything so far but would call me back after checking further. My imagination sent me wandering through old films like Poltergeist and The Exorcist; well it was close to Halloween.
Fifteen minutes later, the police returned my call and confirmed that there had been a mild quake throughout New England. I later learned that Maine had a 4.0 but I was surprised that there were no other calls nearby.  It makes one wonder about fracking. We’re living here a little over two years and two earthquakes already. What’s up with that? 

I believe that there are still some beautiful autumn views that I would like to share with you as I venture out along the road.  Being so grateful to have my vision restored, I rejoice in the glorious colors of autumn.  

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