Sunday, July 29, 2012


I’ve been caring for some tadpoles that were recovered from my dismantled swimming pool.  Friday morning, I awoke to one tiny very green tree frog sitting on a large rock in the tank. He holds magnificence, even in his small size, and has no trouble climbing the glass and even the lid. I removed him to a smaller tank but he now needs live food. For comparison on his size, that is a jelly jar cover with drinking water that he’s sitting in. Yesterday morning, before the rain, I released him back to the land for his first meal of protein (moving prey). Mother Nature will do the rest. My heart has been opened to a tiny new world where after wishing him a safe journey, I released him with all his frog secrets still inside him. Like a child, I am delighted in this miracle of nature.

There are about ten or eleven more tadpoles in the tank, they are larger and browner in color and some have all four legs and long tails. Maybe they are a different species-maybe they’re toads. It’s hard to tell but I have a feeling they will be coming out of the water very soon.  

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