Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Here’s the latest update on my book, “From These Country Roads.”  The final draft has been sent to the printer for production and I am waiting for the printed book to arrive. Afterwards, I’ll make the printed book available on this Blog through Pay Pal and the e-book versions will be set up with Kindle and Nook. I am hopeful that this will be soon but until the printer delivers the final product, one can never tell.

I am also waiting for warmer weather to do some spring planting and I think that Saturday, with its predicted warm temperature, will prove to be a good day for digging in the garden.   The warmer weather we had a couple of weeks ago prompted the daffodils to bloom and now the tulips are reaching for the sun. Within the next few days, they should delight me with beautiful color.  I hope you are delighted this spring too!        

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