Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ground Hog Day has passed, Valentines have had their sweet date, the presidents have blown out their birthday candles and Leap Day is here. Winter lingers in the last snow of February, and soft flakes fall through the air and pile up against my door.

Visions of childhood winters capture my thoughts as I remember being in the classroom, feeling imprisoned, on a snowy winter day. My attention was somewhere outdoors, already into the white fun.  Finally, the bell would ring and the class would rush excitedly to the door.

Once outside, what child could resist gathering up a snowball? At least one snowball fight before going home would be in order. With rosy cheeks, and frosty noses, our laughter became muffled in the winter air. And unlike most adults, our clocks often stopped while having fun. We accepted the gift of winter so gracefully, as most children do.

So, I guess it had to snow, at least one more time this season, although most of us were looking forward to the spring. There are many reasons for it to snow but one good reason is for the gift it brings to children. With red jolly faces, we caught snowflakes on our tongues, raced our sleds down “Suicide Hill” and waited for the first snowball to be thrown.

 And sometimes, the child within me still remembers to reach down and create a snowball. This one’s for you!

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  1. Great blog Margaret! It takes me back to that same a little rural town near State College, Pennsylvania. We never complained about a deep crippling snow back then. It was all fun and games for us in those days! Skip